Today we’re releasing some much needed reliability and usability updates to Honcho. 

This one’s for the nerds…well, except for one meta feature 👀.

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Honcho v0.0.2


  • An asynchronous client for all methods

  • Metamessages to allow for more complex agents

  • Paginated results for GET requests to support large numbers of Sessions, Messages, and Metamessages

  • created_at field to all tables to give timestamps

  • Singular get_message method for retrieving individual messages

  • Size limits for string fields based on common database limits—65535 characters for message content and 512 characters for all other string fields


  • Default API rate limit raised to 100/minutes

  • Default ID type to use UUIDs for built in robustness

  • session.delete() is now session.close() to more accurately reflect functionality


  • Messages from Session GET requests to decrease payload size