Today we’re shipping a new site, docs, & lots of improvements. 

We talked to a ton of agent developers beginning to build with Honcho over the past two weeks.  

We’d love to hear what you’re building.


  • Honcho website drop!

  • And we’ve launched docs:

    • Learn how to get started with Honcho
    • Using our hosted version
    • Running it locally
    • Deploying your own instance with (in <5 mins)
  • Learn how to use Honcho with

    • An interface like Discord
    • A LLM framework like LangChain

Honcho v0.0.1

  • A more stable version of the SDK 

  • An object-oriented client to make DevEx easier

  • A public demo server

    • Use Honcho out of the box with no setup
  • App-level scoping

    • One dev can run multiple apps from the same instance
  • Added rate limiting to server

    • Protects from spam & improves reliability